Now a days Trading has become one of the second business for everybody who has monthly income.
Those who have money can Trade but most of those who trade doesn't know what exactly trade is all about.

Just in curiousity they start trading, however at the end of the day they will be a losser.
This blog is a place where the bigners can learn what is trading, how can they trade without loss.
The best part of trading is not making profit rather they should know how to avoid loss.

Stock Formulas

Stock Formulas  used to date: 

PE Ratio = Price / Earnings
Return on equity they earn ______ on every $ of equity = earnings per share / stockholders equity
DPS = dividends per share (yearly)
Dividend yield = dividends per share / stock price
Dividend pay out ratio = dividends per share / earnings per share
Total return = (ending price + div. income received / beginning price) - 1
Earnings per share = current (last 12 months)
Earnings per share = earnings available to shareholders / # shares outstanding
Earnings per share growth = return on equity x (1-Pay out ratio)
Pay out ratio =  dividends per share / earnings per share
Net working capital = current assets - current liabilities
Profit margin = net income / net sales
Turn over = net sales / total assets
Leverage = total assets / current earnings
For every sales dollar, they earn___________ = net income / net sales
For every dollar they invested they got ________ worth of sales = net sales / total assets
For every $1 they have ______ working for them = Total assets / shareholders equity –
Internal growth or implied sustainable growth = return on equity  x (1 - pay out ratio)
NAV per share, net asset value per share = total value of portfolio / number of shares outstanding in fund
Retention ratio = (1- pay out ratio) 

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