Now a days Trading has become one of the second business for everybody who has monthly income.
Those who have money can Trade but most of those who trade doesn't know what exactly trade is all about.

Just in curiousity they start trading, however at the end of the day they will be a losser.
This blog is a place where the bigners can learn what is trading, how can they trade without loss.
The best part of trading is not making profit rather they should know how to avoid loss.

Important share trading tips

Ø       Do not over trade - Do not put all your money in share market.
Ø       Do not put all your money in single share or single sector - Put or divide your money in multiple shares or sectors. This may reduce the risk of heavy loss.
Ø       Do not panic or fear - Think twice before making your trade/plan and once done stick to it, don’t panic or fear.
Ø       Accept Loss - If you trade is going against you and if you are not sure about your trade then immediately accept the loss and come out of your trade. It will save you from heavy loss.
Ø       Right Opportunity - Do not fall in trade early, wait for right opportunity and then trade. It’s very important. "Wait, Watch and then trade” you will get success.
Ø       Everyday is not trading day - Do not force yourself to do trading everyday. It’s wrong. If you are not sure about the market movement for that day then it always wise decision to be away from market and not to trade.
Ø       Keep you greediness away - Most of the people loose in share market due to greediness. Get satisfied with whatever profit you get and come out of that trade and wait for next opportunity. Don’t wait to take huge for that single trade.

Ø      Action Plan - Now you have to plan your action as you are ready will all the information required for share market. Now your action plan is to select shares which are I news or select shares from sector which is in news.
Sector like IT, cement, Petrochemical etc. If there is news on any particular companies/shares or on any sector then definitely there will be movement, if the news is appropriate.
During market hours also you have to keep alert about news. Always trade or select shares/companies which are involved in news. This is one of the easiest methods of tracking shares and doing trading on them.
Also it is also always better that do some study and research before starting your trading. For example note down today’s top gainers, top losers, and volume toppers etc and tomorrow keep a close watch on them this is also one method of selecting shares and trading on them.
One more very important point is you should be always aware about news like when company is declaring its dividend, companies merger plans, demerger plans, quarter results, major acquisitions, collaborations  etc .
This type of news will definitely makes great movement on related company shares.


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